The Regular Grid and Subdivided Spline in Cinema 4D

October 4, 2012 by Jamie Hamel-Smith

This Five Minute Tip is about the Regular Grid and Subdivided spline options. When used in tandem, these options can provide a very quick and easy way to subdivide geometry that is not yet converted to polygons (in this case, an ExtrudeNURBS object).

The video below shows us bending an ExtrudeNURBS shape and addressing the messy geometry that follows.

Here’s a couple of screenshots of the settings panes for the options I spoke about in the video.

Regular Grid options

When was this introduced?

I’ve done a bit of digging on the manuals section of Maxon’s site and I see that both settings were present in the Cinema 4D 9.6 release. There’s also a note that the Subdivided spline option was added in version 9.6 as a supplement to the Regular Grid option which likely predated it.

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