Originally from Trinidad W.I., I now live in San Diego, California. I’m excited by 3d design, web development, model aircraft, photography, electronics, and learning about the aforementioned.


I work for an Experience Design company in San Diego; Telepathy where I’m pushing my own limits on a daily basis in an effort to make the web a better place. I love creating both front-end code, powered by modern CSS and JavaScript and server-side code in whatever language is appropriate. In my spare time I try to keep my 3D skills relatively sharp.

In The Past:

I started dabbling in 3D Graphics when I was about 11 or 12 years old. I spent the next 5 years finishing high school and exploring 3D and 2D graphics in my spare time. In September of 2001, I landed a job at the coolest 3D Animation company in Trinidad and Tobago (my home country). I worked in a production environment for the next four and a half years handling numerous tasks such as texturing and animating CAD models, modeling organic and technical objects, UV texturing, learning Photoshop from a master, and even training on and operating a 3D printer. I have been very active on one of the Cinema 4D message boards [3D Attack] in the past, and have written a few articles for their monthly e-Zine.

Most recently, I completed my studies at Platt College in San Diego, California; where I focused on Web Application Development along with 3D Modeling & Animation.