I’m currently working on my Razorback project from Daemon by Daniel Suarez. It’s an evil concept vehicle from one of his books. He has not endorsed this effort, and now would be a great time to mention that I don’t want killer motorcycles running around the world. On the other hand, I do want to see what one looks like. Check it out, leave a comment, let me know what you think!

I’ve also been creating “Five Minute Tips” for Cinema 4D. So if you’re a C4D user, or would just like to see the short form videos, check them out. If you do like them, or have suggestions just leave me a comment.

If you love photography then you can see some of my photos on my tumblr photo blog, on my 500px profile, or on my Google Plus stream. The tumblr blog typically gets one photo per day (queued), the 500px account gets all of the photos I feel are special, and there’s no guarantee what you’ll find on my Google Plus stream.

Personal Stuff

I typically post interesting things that I see on my Google+ profile. Feel free to follow me on Twitter, or add this site's RSS feed to your reader.

Professional 3D

If you need some of my 3D models, then see my work on TurboSquid. At this time I'm not accepting any freelance offers.

Here's a landing page for my Generic Sport Bike model.