Cutting Parallel to a Plane of Polygons in Cinema 4D

My last tip on the knife tool caused one of my viewers to bring about an interesting question.

How would you cut a line that is perfectly parallel to a group of selected polygons?

The answer to this actually lies in one of my previous tips on workplanes. Using workplanes and the knife tool, we can indeed create a perfectly parallel cut. See the video below for an explanation on how this is done.


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  1. Thanks for sharing Jamie but i don’t have a work plane icon

  2. Hey Jamie, just wanna say thanks for your awesome tutorials. You explain
    things so well, wish you were my professor when i was in VFS hahaha.

  3. This very thing used to drive me crazy (in the days before workplanes) but
    then, one day, I saw a guy holding control while using the Slide tool. If
    you hold control while sliding an edge it will produce a copy and leave the
    original behind. So, in this situation, where you’d like to introduce an
    edge loop that is parallel to an off-axis end cap, you’d just select the
    edge loop of the cap and slide it into position while holding the control
    key. Once you make the initial slide you can enter any distance you’d like
    into the attribute manager to precisely control how far the new edge loop
    is away from the cap :)

  4. That’s what I call service, thanks 😉
    I’m getting the idea you can’t cut using absolut offset values for e.g.
    creating edgeloops.
    The way I’m used to work around it is extruding the far edges I don’t want
    additional loops on, select the resulting new faces an these I want to cut
    and inner extrude them. After cleaning up the ‘helper’faces I end up with a
    clean ‘cut’ at an absolute distance from the edges.

  5. Select all splines and 0 your ‘x’ properties…. simple

    100 thanks for yours tips 

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