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Cutting Parallel to a Plane of Polygons in Cinema 4D

My last tip on the knife tool caused one of my viewers to bring about an interesting question.

How would you cut a line that is perfectly parallel to a group of selected polygons?

The answer to this actually lies in one of my previous tips on workplanes. Using workplanes and the knife tool, we can indeed create a perfectly parallel cut. See the video below for an explanation on how this is done.

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Creating Pipes Follow Up: Measuring

In one of my previous five minute tips: Creating Pipes Using the Chamfer Tool in Cinema 4D I briefly touched on the idea of precisely measuring a distance when adding subdivisions. This sounds simple enough, but it can be quite challenging in a software package like Cinema 4D (where dimensions are arguably an afterthought).

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The Razorback – Part 16: Refining the Upper Robotic Arm

In this installment of the Razorback screencast, we kick things off by reconstructing the upper robotic arm of the machine. There’s a bit of modeling, and some new techniques in store for you.

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