Creating Pipes Follow Up: Measuring

In one of my previous five minute tips: Creating Pipes Using the Chamfer Tool in Cinema 4D I briefly touched on the idea of precisely measuring a distance when adding subdivisions. This sounds simple enough, but it can be quite challenging in a software package like Cinema 4D (where dimensions are arguably an afterthought).

The video below shows two different methods of measuring distances when they are at arbitrary angles. Furthermore, both methods should be easily repeatable for application to many points on a Spline. The first concept explores the idea that you can place circles at the exact position of the points on the spline and then increase their size by a measured amount to determine a new intersection. The second concept is a simple demonstration of Cinema 4D R14’s new guide object (it really excels at arbitrary angles with the right settings).

3 thoughts on “Creating Pipes Follow Up: Measuring”

  1. Quick-tip:
    To change the radius of all the circle by the same amount, just select all
    of them and enter “x+10” where it says “multiple values”. Works for
    basically any parameter

  2. Good tip, Jamie. I have used the radius method before, drawing up floor plans in Illustrator CS3, where it is also very awkward to measure a line that is not at 90 or 180 degrees – but I never thought to use this method in a 3D programme also!

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