Projecting Splines on a Surface

Many of my Five Minute Tips come from a place of exploration; sometimes I find a tool (or remember a tool that I used once) and think to myself, “Wow, that would make a good Five Minute Tip video!”. The Project tool Five Minute Tip is just that kind of tip. I used to use this tool a lot when working at my last job where I would need to enhance architectural models with extra features… but I digress. This week’s tip focuses on this “Project” tool and how it can be used.

The Project Spline Tool

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The Collision Deformer and Falloff

The collision deformer continues to amaze me with all of its options and possibilities. I’ve already shown how you can use it to shrink-wrap one object to another in my cables tutorial, and this tip focuses on a more abstract use of the deformer.

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Creating Pipes Follow Up: Measuring

In one of my previous five minute tips: Creating Pipes Using the Chamfer Tool in Cinema 4D I briefly touched on the idea of precisely measuring a distance when adding subdivisions. This sounds simple enough, but it can be quite challenging in a software package like Cinema 4D (where dimensions are arguably an afterthought).

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