Projecting Splines on a Surface

Many of my Five Minute Tips come from a place of exploration; sometimes I find a tool (or remember a tool that I used once) and think to myself, “Wow, that would make a good Five Minute Tip video!”. The Project tool Five Minute Tip is just that kind of tip. I used to use this tool a lot when working at my last job where I would need to enhance architectural models with extra features… but I digress. This week’s tip focuses on this “Project” tool and how it can be used.

The Project Spline Tool

The Project tool allows you to project a spline onto a surface or other geometry. See the video below for two possible uses.


I’ve taken the time to add some call-outs for keyboard shortcuts in my last couple of Five Minute Tip videos. One of my viewers suggested it, and I’d love any feedback on whether you like it or not. Is it a helpful addition? Or is it more of a distraction?


Thanks to a tip from José Espizua, it turns out that there’s a feature allowing this behavior with polygonal objects too! Check out this preview.


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  1. GRACIAS tengo tiempo buscando la manera de hacer esto de verdad GRACIAS

  2. My spline is projecting on the back of an object… why doesnt it just
    project on the front like it’s suposed to.

  3. How come you see shadows in the viewport?

  4. Cool stuff dude! Thanks.

  5. fantastic tutorial! quick and to the point, clear and concise!! it’s so
    difficult to find well done quick tips like this without extraneous
    chatter. Thank you!

  6. Very cool! I’m using this method to project swirly splines onto two oblong
    spheres,then adding a regular circle spline sweep and making the circle fat
    for it to look like a brain. : ] 

  7. Wow this will help I made a batman model and I rated the logo to be
    slightly extruded but couldn’t get it on the roused surface this fits it
    thanks so much

  8. Thank you for a very usefull and straight forward tutorial Jamie!

  9. when i have got two points of a model selected .. can i automatically create a spline from point A to B ?

    • I think so. I think if you convert that selection to an edge selection there should be a command that will allow you to create a spline from it. I can’t recall the exact command right now though.

      • The tip happens so quickly that its difficult for me to follow just exactly which commands you’re using. I realize these tips are for more experienced users. any thoughts as to where I can find this same tip geared more to someone also still learning the commands? Without tool-tips, its hard to decipher which command does what ! Thanks !

  10. You saved my butt again, just what I needed, thanks again, Jamie!
    I am making a 3D world, and want to make some river simulations. I use splines as rivers, and your tutor was exactly what I needed.

  11. Jamie, I’m loving all of the Five Minute Tips and this one on the “Project” tool. I also just learned of a new Spline Projection plugin that adds to the features and capabilities. You can see it here: Also, the callouts for keyboard shortcuts were not a distraction for me. Thanks, keep up the great work.

  12. Hi Jamie,

    Just want to say thank you for this five minute tip, keep it up.
    And about that keyboard shortcut call-out, sure it’s helpful!

  13. Thank you very much friends,
    Yes Project Object very nice feature and it’s work nicely
    Thanks again for your helps,bye 😉

  14. great tutorial my friend,thank you very much for share but I have a question to you;
    I think this is work with splines only,isn’t it?
    how can I project polygon to object? is it possible?
    Thank you.

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