3 Ways To Move An Object To Another Object In Cinema 4D

This tip focuses on three different techniques to move one object to another when using Cinema 4D.

  1. Using parent-child hierarchies: By moving one object into another you can zero the child object’s coordinates and then they will share the same location and orientation.
  2. Using the Transfer [modeling] tool: This tool allows you to transfer the PSR (Position, Scale, Rotation) data of one object to another. It is very quick and produces predictable results.
  3. Using a custom workplane: The workplanes feature (introduced in Cinema 4D R14) allows you to temporarily change the world axis to an arbitrary position and orientation. Once the workplane is set to the new orientation, you can then model on it at that specific angle.

See the short screencast for a demo of everything I mentioned above.


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  1. Very nice tips Jamie. I’ve been googling some questions as a C4D beginner and your vids kept popping up, hope you keep making them :). Definitely learned some new stuff, however my original question remains unanswered. I was looking for a way to precisely move an object to another one, so that they would align at a particular point. Like you can in SketchUp for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNjyBm6n_-8&t=441
    As you can see you you can move the whole object by essentially moving one of its points to a specific point, which is very precise.

    In C4D if you try to move a point I don’t see a way to make the object follow it, so you end up distorting the object. Or you have to go through a comparatively cumbersome method: make the object editable, turn on the axis tool, turn on snapping (with the right options) move the axis to the desired point, turn axis tool off and finally move the object to its new destination. Is there really no fast way to do this like in the SketchUp example?

  2. Really great!Thanks for sharing :-P

  3. Fantastic tutorial. Subscribed and plan to watch all of your tutorials. 

  4. Nice Jamie! I learn everytime something important from you 🙂
    Thank you so much.

    Here is my wishlist with things that i wish to learn from you in the future
    😀 …
    – Aligning the Gizmo to Edge direction
    – Physics & Dynamics
    – Joints, Constraints

    See ya soon!

  5. C L E V E R !!!
    …one of the few who seem to have read the manual!!

  6. Great tips! Do you know of a good way to “proportionally resize” one mesh to another?


  7. So helpful. First time Ive seen the workplanes explained so clearly. thank

  8. Very good, btw, how are you accessing the drop down axis menu shown at the
    very end of the video?

  9. Here’s a little Cinema 4D tip that I’d like to share. It covers three ways
    to position objects to other objects, including the use of workplanes.

  10. Nice little tips. Btw there is a reset button for position/scale/rotation.
    shift+c reset psr
    I use it all the time so I keep the button on the interface.

  11. Here’s a little Cinema 4D tip that I’d like to share. It covers three ways
    to position objects to other objects, including the use of workplanes.

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