Cylinder Slice Bool in Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D has a slice option on the cylinder primitive. In this video we will see how to use that with a Bool object to create a cutaway effect.

The effect is achieved by animating the slice’s From and To properties. By animating one or both of these, you can create a slice that grows out of nothing and rotates around a central point. The video below will show you how to leverage this in order to create a cutaway effect on a turbo-charger model.

11 thoughts on “Cylinder Slice Bool in Cinema 4D”

  1. How do you make a reflection material in the viewport like that? Is it a
    MatCap material done with art shader? Or some kind of settings? Thanks for
    your nice tips for C4D.

  2. Very good Jamie. Lots of folks rag on the boole object but it certainly has
    it’s uses. I often find too that it’s quicker to use a boole object to cut
    an awkward shaped hole (for modeling purposes) and then go in and fix up
    the resulting geometry, than it is to begin the hole from scratch. After
    some time you become more familiar with the quirks of the boole object and
    are able to preserve more of the underlying geometry so it’s not as bad as
    people make it out to be.

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