Cylinder Slice Bool in Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D has a slice option on the cylinder primitive. In this video we will see how to use that with a Bool object to create a cutaway effect.

The effect is achieved by animating the slice’s From and To properties. By animating one or both of these, you can create a slice that grows out of nothing and rotates around a central point. The video below will show you how to leverage this in order to create a cutaway effect on a turbo-charger model.

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Controlling Animation with Effectors in Cinema 4D

We start this tip by looking at a simple animation of a flower growing/blooming; nothing too amazing. It’s the subject of the video and we take a look at how we can drive its animation timeline using MoGraph and a couple effectors.

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Freebie: Cinema 4D Motorcycle Chain Rig

A simple Xpresso motorcycle chain rig for Cinema 4D. This rig was originally created for some of my higher polycount bike models. Its purpose is to provide an easily poseable motorcycle/bicycle/chainsaw style chain that uses Instances to replicate the links.

The length of the chain can be adjusted by adding additional link instances, and the spline that the chain rests on can also be easily manipulated and animated. There is also an animatable value that can be used to make the chain progress.

Movie Towne Titles

In 2002, when I was employed at Eye Scream Animation Ltd. we were assigned the task of developing a concept and animations for Trinidad’s first multiplex cinema, Movie Towne. These animations were the introductory clips that were to be shown before the trailers and the feature presentation. When the Matrix Continue reading “Movie Towne Titles”