In 2002, when I was employed at Eye Scream Animation Ltd. we were assigned the task of developing a concept and animations for Trinidad’s first multiplex cinema, Movie Towne. These animations were the introductory clips that were to be shown before the trailers and the feature presentation. When the Matrix (parts 2 and 3) were released, we expanded on the feature presentation animation by applying the ‘matrix code’ style to the animation. Brett Lewis (owner & manager of eye scream animation ltd.) handled the modeling of the film reel, the Coming Attractions variation and all of the compositing. I was assigned the task of creating a 3D version of the Movie Towne logo and animating it, as well as modeling a ‘Tenor Pan’ for use in the Feature Presentation animation (The Steel Pan / Steel Drum is Trinidad’s national instrument). These animations are still played before every movie shown at Movie Towne. This project was realized very early in my 3D career and it is still one of my favorite projects to date.