Controlling Animation with Effectors in Cinema 4D

We start this tip by looking at a simple animation of a flower growing/blooming; nothing too amazing. It’s the subject of the video and we take a look at how we can drive its animation timeline using MoGraph and a couple effectors.

Upon creating a few more clones of the flower, we see that the uniform growth pattern is a problem. The goal is to show how we can turn off animation in the MoGraph object and then initiate the animation gradually using an effector with falloff—per instance. That effector can then be animated (both parametrically and spatially).


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  1. Whoa! I just got a great idea! I’ll use a plain effector with linear
    fall-off mode to get a (cloned) crystal path to grow into the middle of the
    scene where a female fantasy character will be revealed! Thank you so much
    for posting this!! 

  2. It’s funny…I asked this question on a forum a couple years back and no
    one had a good solution for what I wanted. I don’t think I articulated what
    I wanted correctly. 

  3. I have watched all of your quick tips—great stuff, very helpful! Thanks for making these 🙂

    I made a similar flower test but could not figure out how to get all of the pieces to sync up correctly. I grew the main stem with an align to spline tag. Then I used a cloner and bend deformers to animate the opening of the flower. When I drop the animated flower into the the second cloner and add the random effector with time offset, the align to spline no longer moves the cloner. I can send you the scene if that would help.

    Let me know if this makes sense.


  4. Watched all 39 vids in this playlist amazing 

  5. como animar un grupo de flores

    Controlling Animation with Effectors in Cinema 4D

  6. thank you. i searched a lot in the past for a tutorial like this. it seems
    so simple… but i never seemed to get it working. great job :)

  7. Hi, great tutor. But for the first time you don’t tell us how this project
    was made. Larry Niven.. ringworld.. ok, but how do I build such a project?
    Where to get hold of the flower or similar flowers? What is actually
    happening in the animation? What mograph effectors are being used?

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