3D Animated Robotic Arm – Redux

I’ve been watching a lot of How It’s Made recently. One of my favorite things to see on the assembly line is the robots welding parts of an assembly.

I created this robotic arm for a 3D Attack tutorial a while ago, but it was pretty basic and did not have any hoses. It was also created using an older version of Cinema 4D. I opened up the project, adapted the IK rig for the new Cinema 4D joints system and added some hoses using IK and splines. This was also a good opportunity to test the Cinema 4D Physical Renderer as there’s some room for motion blur and indirect illumination.

I’d love to know what you think about the project. If you’re interested in downloading/buying the scene file/rig let me know and I’ll consider posting it here or on TurboSquid.


Here’s an unrendered movie of the scene

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  1. funny, how it’s made is like my fav show… I really love what you did here. I’d love to dissect this and learn from it. Sorry, don’t have extra funds to buy it though 🙂

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