StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty is Blizzard’s latest offering. Chances are if you haven’t heard of StarCraft or played it first hand, then someone has enthusiastically told you about this game. Back in the late ’90s, StarCraft was a game that changed the rules. It wasn’t the first, but it defined what a RTS game should be. I remember playing it with my co-workers at the computer store I worked at (when no customers were around of course) and it was an addiction! It was the game that all hardcore gamers knew, played and likely played well.

Over 10 years later, StarCraft 2 has not changed the game again, but created a more up-to-date, fresh, capable version of the very same experience. Some say that StarCraft 2 is too similar to the original, and they might be right; but in this case that’s the whole idea.

Below are some screenshots from the game’s single player campaign (can you spot Optimus Prime?) and you can click for larger images: