I Just Got my Wakemate

I just got my Wakemate. Never have I been so excited to go to sleep! Ahhh technology, why must I love you so? #blog


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  1. I tried it again last night and it worked flawlessly! No issues and it woke me up about 17 minutes early. On top of all that, I felt alert and awake instantly; I really felt like I was woken up at the optimal time.

    If it worked like that every night then I don't see why everyone wouldn't have one. This is an instance where if Wakemate fixes the apps, their recommendations & sales would skyrocket!

  2. sorry to hear that it didn't work out. 🙁

  3. so i guess its a dud. and i should not buy it

  4. Nope, same issues. It's also a difficult thing to test. I mean, if the alarm doesn't go off it will kind of ruin the morning. Also, if I have to set two alarms then I have to remember to turn one off after another wakes me up. It's a real P.I.T.A. So it doesn't really encourage me to test it. It's just kind of supposed to work.

  5. so after the build did it get any better

  6. So I tried the Wakemate a few more times recently and it did kind of work. It recorded data, but on the first occasion it woke me up at the specified time, while on the second occasion it woke me up 3 minutes late.

    Support finally got back to me today and they sent me a nightly build of the app, so let's see how that goes :-/

  7. that sucks. since you said its a small company you might have to fight to get support. hopefully its not forum only support.

  8. I stopped trying. And I'm still waiting to hear from the support guys.

  9. Good point Mike, but the battery was reporting 57% at the time. Sigh… I hope it works better the next time I use it.

  10. well how it operates and how they say are 2 different things. but then again you have to think that if the range was across the room then it would burn through the battery.

  11. +Ryan Anderson Yeah I know, right? Serves me right for being an optimist.

    I hear you +John Camacho I might try moving my phone to my bedside. Right now I have it at the other end of the room, but if the device does what is advertised, then I shouldn't need to keep my phone that far away.

    +Arnold Yoon It's a small company and it is hardware so I'd be surprised if they didn't honor a return request. Having said that, since the hardware is only half of the equation, I'm totally willing to wait for an update to the app and see how that goes.

  12. Uh oh. Money back guarantee?

  13. I see its a bluetooth device. I could be wrong but if you have your wrist under your pillow, it could easily lose the connection. Maybe this should have been wifi instead? (though it would be harder to setup)

  14. wow, epic product fail…

  15. Well, the first night didn't go well. When I woke up, the alarm was waking me up at the latest possible time I set, so that's kind of a failsafe but still a fail. Then it says that it's having trouble connecting to the wrist band and that I should power cycle it. After power cycling it, the app force closes, the wristband resets and all my sleep data is gone. Lovely…

    I'd have to say that the only way the user experience could have been worse is if it woke me up 3 hours early or if the alarm never even went off. I'll email tech support in a bit but overall, I'm not impressed thus far.

  16. i def want to know how that goes. i wanted to try something like that but never got around to it.

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