Starcraft II Repair Utility?

Perhaps it’s just that I’ve not played Warcraft III since my friend bought it back when it launched, or maybe it’s that I have not become a WoW head yet (some say it’s inevitable), but I have never seen this side of Blizzard’s games:

I tried to get a quick game of StarCraft in this morning before heading off to work and while trying to load my campaign, the game quits and this screen greets me. I’m both impressed that this mechanism exists and depressed that it’s somehow necessary.

Has anyone else gotten a screen like this? If so, what are your system specs and did it eventually resolve itself? I’d love to know!


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  1. I get this about once every other hour. Now it stopped working entirely and is asking me to reinstall. At the moment I can’t play blistering sands. I really hope Blizzard fixes whatever is causing this. I don’t feel like typing out my system specs but it is a new PC and I updated the drivers when I put it together.

    • Wow! Every other hour? Do you think you might have a failing hard drive or something like that? That sounds like the game is trying to write a file or something and then not reading it properly (that’s just a hunch).

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