A quick study with the collision deformer

I was just playing with the Collision deformer in Cinema 4D, and it turns out that some pretty interesting effects can be created using it. This effect shown in the image above is sort of a viscous up-welling effect that you might see in mud. It reminds me of a summer when I was a kid. My friend and I were exploring a nearby construction site in our neighborhood. There were heavy rains that week, and the terraced construction site caused the mud washing down the hillside to become naturally separated into different classes of mud. It was mostly clay based, but there were so many different types that my friend and I went to each pool of mud throwing rocks into them just to see the reaction. We threw large rocks, small stones, etc. and one particular consistency of mud caught our attention. When it caught a projectile, it looked exactly like the T-1000’s chest after taking a shotgun blast from the Terminator (except muddy and brown). It folded over itself and welled up, notĀ unlikeĀ the image above. It’s one of those instances where I create something in 3D and a childhood memory instantly flashes back to me.