TWiT (This Week in Tech) is where I get my tech news and general audio entertainment from. Whether I’m on my commute, writing some late-night code, or just unwinding there’s always something for me on the TWiT network. One of the more innovative shows (I think) is Triangulation.

The concept is very simple. Leo Laporte and Tom Merritt form two vertices of the triangle and a guest forms the third. From there it’s a mixture of “20 questions”, tell me how you got to this point in your life, and “Let’s talk about you/chat about something that the viewers might not know”. The most amazing part of the show for me is the guest line-up. The show features guests like John “Capn Crunch” Draper, Gina Trapani, Eric Ries, Bob Heil, and the list goes on. Below are just a couple of my picks and you can find all the episodes here: Triangulation on YouTubeTriangulation on TWiT.

Gina Trapani (Founding editor of Lifehacker, Creator of ThinkUp)

 John “Capn Crunch” Draper (Legendary Computer Hacker and Phone Phreak)

Kevin Marks (Worked for Apple, Technorati, Arguably an inventor of podcasting)