One of my favorite Internet memes is the All Your Base flash video. It’s a Flash video slide show accompanied by cool techno beats and Photo-shopped images incorporating the classic phrase: “All Your Base Are Belong To Us”.

If you know about this meme, then no further explanation is necessary, but if it’s new to you, Know Your Meme should be able to fill you in:


This was my first meme: and I’m sad that it’s declining. My favorite component of the All Your base video is the slide show of altered images, so I’ve decided to start making my own All Your Base images and this post marks the first. I’ll be doing them weekly, but hope to create them even more frequently.

The basic idea is that you take an image and add the words “All Your Base” or “All Your Base Are Belong To Us” or really any combination of butchered English phrases found in the original script.

This was a simple one to start off with. There was a lot of other text I could have replaced, but I saw the torn edges as an opportunity to add some believability to it. In future images I’ll try to add some extra flavor like replacing the “Place tab in bowl” text with “Take off every ‘ZIG’!!”

Just in case you need more info about the actual translation, here’s the translation errors in their full glory.