Yamaha made their SuperSport 600cc machine even better for 2006. Every detail of this bike is captured in this ‘medium poly’ model of the acclaimed Yamaha R6…

The Modeling

This bike was really challenging to model, as I had only seen it “in the flesh” once before modeling it. The fuel tank was really easy to sculpt, as it reflected light at really drastic angles, and this really accentuated the shape of it in photographs.

The “Batman Wings” below the headlights on the other hand, were not easy at all. Even when standing two feet away from the bike, it’s hard to judge exactly how they curve and flow. In the end, I figured out how to make it all work together, and this has become one of my favorite bikes to use as a stand-in when lighting a scene. The 3D model is available for purchase at TurboSquid

Race Version

This bike was one of two that were comissioned, and the clients needed the race bodywork on the final models. If you try to find race bodywork images to use as a modeling reference, you’ll see that the images are basic and few. I created the stock bodywork, and then adapted a copy of it to look like the race bodywork, that way, I struck a good balance between the existing style, and the new sleek race fearing. You can buy the race version of the modelĀ here.