Cinema 4D Multi Pass Rendering and the Object Buffer

The Cinema 4D multi-pass rendering feature is an astonishingly powerful feature; it becomes more powerful when you have a scene that takes a significant amount of time to calculate. The feature becomes even more powerful when you assign Object Buffers to certain objects that might need a little help in post-processing.

Check out the video below to see how you can leverage this tool.


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  2. Very well explained thank you. Finally a good tutorial on this. You’re
    doing the C4D community a great service, thx!

  3. Thanks, thanks, thanks for explaining this, always been asking how to use
    that feature.

  4. hello very good tutorial, this consultation can simulate different types of
    mapping on a wall with multi fx after working with pass. thank you

  5. bookmarked and subscribed..great videos and tutorials, keep them coming…

  6. this is great man, i’ve always avoided it cause i thought it’s complicated
    but it’s very simple

  7. Not to forget the way you speak, you do not hear that often. Very good indeed!

  8. Jamie,
    You are a fantastic teacher! Thanks so much for ALL of your Cinema 4D videos. They are gold!

  9. Hey,
    I don’t usually post comments under any kind of video, even though I like them, but now I had to tell you, that you’re on youtuber under just a few I’m very happy to have found. I just watched your motorbike chain video, which was pretty helpful, because I plan to model one and really like the way you make your videos and explain all kinds of stuff. So much about that:).
    Greetings from germany,

  10. Thanks for the feedback everyone, glad you enjoyed it.

  11. You definitely deserve a larger audience.
    This tutor taught me more than those much longer ones over at the acme 3d tuts I pay for..

  12. Thank you very much for great tip,very useful for me 😉

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