About The Designer

One evening when I was around the age of fifteen, I was riding my Flatland Freestyle Bike at a park near my home in the city of Port-of-Spain. While there, I met a group of friendly riders, and among them was a guy they called Cow. He was a great rider, but more importantly he always had clever and innovative ideas. The last time Cow (Michael DePeza) and I hung out, he brought some of his drawings of concept bicycle frames for me to create digitally. At this stage, he was branding his concepts with the name Heffa Bikes, a tribute to his long standing nickname.

About The Renderings

By now you realize these are not my creations, but I was the designer who crafted these in 3D (At the time using Cinema 4D). I vividly recall Cow being extremely precise about the dimensions, angles and clearances. I’m sure that he built these frames in his head many times before giving me the honor of bringing them into the third dimension.

Bovine Flatland Frame

The Bovine is designed to have a short overall length, good clearance around the bottom-bracket (area where the pedals connect) and a curved top-tube that provides yet more… yep, you guessed it: clearance.

Calle Street Frame

This frame is designed to be tough and simple. Rigid construction would allow this frame to withstand the harshest Street / Park Riding.

Bullhorne Handlebars

The Bullhorne Bars are zero-offset flatland bars. The low crossbar and zero-offset design makes them perfect for everything from jumping the bars or doing a bar-flip during a trick without changing your stance too much.