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Controlling GI Color Bleed in Cinema 4D

In this tip we take a look at color bleed from Global Illumination, and how to control it.

Cinema 4D offers a few different controls for controlling GI, and one of them is in every material. The Illumination tab houses a pair of simple values that allow you to accentuate or subdue the GI color bleed without affecting the overall brightness of the effect.
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The Compositing Tag in Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D has a few tricks available for tweaking rendering effects. One of them is the Compositing tag. It essentially allows us to tweak things like reflections, ambient occlusion, and shadows.
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Simple Global Illumination in Cinema 4D

In this tip, we explore a few quick settings for creating a nice, evenly lit, Global Illumination based, lighting setup for your models in Cinema 4D. This isn’t a replacement for other full lighting rigs, or even a replacement for putting the proper time when lighting a scene, but it’s a quick start.

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3D Type – Disconnected

Here’s a quick preview of my latest 3D fiddling. I wanted to create a piece based on type and a concept. The concept I came up with was the word disconnected and the associated movement that comes along with it. Read more →

Books & Bookshelves 3D Models

The images that follow are some renders of one of my latest products on TurboSquid.  I created these models as a texturing exercise, but I think they make good assets for sale as well; they are all UV mapped.

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RC8 Surface Renders

One of the pivotal points in a model is when I start to render it. Rendering a model (using the right shadowing and occlusion) will let you know what parts need more detail and what parts should be ignored (in terms of adding more detail).

In the images below you can see that certain areas are starting to be filled in with shadows and don’t really require additional details. Read more →

Sunny Bedroom

While at my former job, (eyescream animation ltd.) We were all working on a project that entailed some interior images for an architectural presentation. As usual, upon recieving an exported CAD file from my co-workers, I would handle the lighting, Read more →

Heffa Bikes: Frame Designs

About The Designer

One evening when I was around the age of fifteen, I was riding my Flatland Freestyle Bike at a park near my home in the city of Port-of-Spain. While there, I met a group of friendly riders, and among them was a guy they called Cow. He was a great rider, but more importantly he always had clever and innovative ideas. The last time Cow (Michael DePeza) and I hung out, he brought some of his drawings of concept bicycle frames for me to create digitally. At this stage, he was branding his concepts with the name Heffa Bikes, a tribute to his long standing nickname. Read more →