While at my former job, (eyescream animation ltd.) We were all working on a project that entailed some interior images for an architectural presentation. As usual, upon recieving an exported CAD file from my co-workers, I would handle the lighting, texturing and rendering. After using traditional lighting methods (Ray-Tracing)for the inital render, I decided that the room was a perfect candidate for a radiosity study. In 2002 Radiosity / Global Illumination was a luxury item. It took quite a while to calculate the lighting, but the effects were well worth the wait. In a production environment however, waiting is not always an option. Since then things have gotten better; we have more processors in faster computers and the software has improved very much.

This was my first attempt at integrating a radiosity render into a workflow. It turned out that at the time it just took too long to render. None the less, the image turned out great and it is still one of my best interior images.