Controlling GI Color Bleed in Cinema 4D

In this tip we take a look at color bleed from Global Illumination, and how to control it.

Cinema 4D offers a few different controls for controlling GI, and one of them is in every material. The Illumination tab houses a pair of simple values that allow you to accentuate or subdue the GI color bleed without affecting the overall brightness of the effect.
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Simple Global Illumination in Cinema 4D

In this tip, we explore a few quick settings for creating a nice, evenly lit, Global Illumination based, lighting setup for your models in Cinema 4D. This isn’t a replacement for other full lighting rigs, or even a replacement for putting the proper time when lighting a scene, but it’s a quick start.

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Freebie: Potted Vine

When arriving home from work this week, I spotted a dry patch of dirt. It was cracked, and had a dark spot in the center. I was instantly struck with the inspiration to create a simple clay pot with the dirt I saw, and a vine growing from the crack.

The video below is sped up and shows the process I used to create this simple scene. You can also download the Cinema 4D scene file. It should open in versions 12–14. You should read on for the video and the download. Continue reading “Freebie: Potted Vine”