3D Type – Disconnected

Here’s a quick preview of my latest 3D fiddling. I wanted to create a piece based on type and a concept. The concept I came up with was the word disconnected and the associated movement that comes along with it.

I also wanted to play with Cinema 4D R13’s new physical renderer. I chose to attempt using some depth of field to separate the letters of the word that were placed further back in the scene.

I also recorded the hour long process of creating the scene and plan to narrate it (at a higher speed) and then post it as a screencast, so look out for that.


Here’s the video I promised:


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  1. Well done man! Reminds me of Dispicable Me 🙂

    • Thanks! I wasn’t thinking of Despicable Me’s style when I created it, but now that you mention it, the piece does indeed resemble the Despicable Me style.

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