Panorama of CO2 Chart

I took this image when visiting the Birch Aquarium at Scripps in SanDiego back in 2007. It's composed of three images shot at 14mm and then stitched together and projected as a fisheye. This image is the first that inspired me to get a fisheye lens. I still have not gotten one, but with my current micro-four-thirds setup, a manual focus fisheye is within reach (price-wise). #blog #scripps #panorama

Panorama of CO2 chart

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4 thoughts on “Panorama of CO2 Chart”

  1. cool. ill look into it. I was playing with one yesterday and it seems that if you go too fast it stitches blurry photos into to. Which is great if you want to get the overall idea of what you were capturing. But i think that it still did a pretty good job. As i have had in the past stitching mess ups with photoshop.

    But I def love the almost no shutter lag with the nexus. The 5mp is nice but i still think that they should of thrown another mp in the mix. As im thinking about using my phone for taking photos now-a-days. Instead of a point and shoot.

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