Reducing Loops of Edges in Cinema 4D

This is one of my longer tips, and it more of a ten minute tip. It focuses on a very simple concept, executed in an elegant manner.

Sometimes when modeling especially in Subdivision modeling you end up with a loop of edges that is too dens for your needs. This can happen when multiple objects merge, or when you are reducing the diameter of a cylindrical object. The below video shows how you can take a loop with an even number of edges, and easily reduce the number of edges therein.


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  1. 5 minute tip *nine minutes*

  2. Thanks, Jamie! The tip about the middle mouse button controlling the brush size and intensity is priceless! Love your 5 minute tips. Keep ’em coming! Thanks.

  3. Great and informative tutorials, thank you!

  4. Anthony Skellern

    December 7, 2013 — 8:41 am

    That’s ingenious, and very elegant. Thanks, Jamie!

  5. thank you very much! super nice tutorial!

  6. Thanks Jamie! another very useful tip! odd in a very good way ; )

  7. Absolutely great tip my friend…really really useful great tip.
    Thank you very much again for this great tip.

  8. Great! Like your Five Minutes very much!!

  9. 3:40 good way to create a phillips head screw.

  10. Great stuff. Keep the videos coming. Learnt a lot. You explain everything well and you have a sexy voice.

  11. Yet another (Ten Minute) Cinema 4D Tip. Please Plus One and comment if you
    find it useful. I’m always looking for feedback.

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