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The Fluid Video Embeds Plugin Now Has a Shortcode

This post is just a quick note to say that the Fluid Video Embeds plugin now supports a shortcode implementation. This is useful if you want to embed a YouTube or Vimeo video in one of your php theme files. Read more about it at the Fluid Video Embeds page in the WordPress plugin repository. Thanks to Alexander for the suggestion!

Plugin en el español por Andrew de WebHostingHub

Fluid Video Embeds Now Works Better With Feeds

One of my WordPress Plugins; Fluid Video Embeds just got a minor update. The plugin works by wrapping YouTube and Vimeo videos in some nifty HTML markup that makes them fluid (stretchy, 100% width, elastic, etc.) Read more →

New WordPress Plugin: Fluid Video Embeds

Lately I’ve been “dog-fooding” a lot of the work I do; forcing myself to actually use all of the products and code that I write. This is nothing new, but as of late I’ve been taking it to heart. If I code something, it has to be worthy of me using it on my site, or my mom’s site, etc.

If you don’t feel like reading, check out the live demo page. Or read on and find out why I created this and what the big deal is.

WordPress has a great auto-magic way of handling video and photo embeds; oEmbed. It allows you to paste a YouTube URL or a Flickr photo page URL into your post and it handles the rest. It will embed the YouTube video automatically, it will embed the Flickr photo with an appropriately sized image linked to the original, and the list of “providers” is ample!

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Some Useful MySQL Snippets

Every day at work, I run different MySQL queries to make my life as a developer a little easier. Tools such as phpMyAdmin can be a real benefit, but it’s often quicker to use the command line to run database commands.

Since I work with WordPress the most, here’s a handy snippet that no WordPress developer should be without; update your live database download so it works on your Read more →

Donut Clocks (Tentative Name)

This is a single-serving style page that I’m working on:

The idea is: Typically when I want to call someone in another part of the world, I’d like to know whether or not it’s OK to call and not necessarily what time it is.

The “donuts” rotate counter-clockwise and Read more →

Web GL, Becoming a Programmer & Multimedia

I’ve thought a lot about the state of the web and 3D lately. This is odd as I haven’t done much research into WebGL other than checking out a few of the examples that are sent my way by friends and or co-workers in the web industry.

As a web programmer by day and a 3D artist in my spare time (or what little is left of it) I’ve actually switched roles and viewpoints since I was a 3D only guy.

Back in my 3D days I was what I now call an “end user”.

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Rage Avatars WordPress Plugin

At my day job I write WordPress plugins all the time. We love that platform. Writing a plugin for me is typically an exercise of utility, so when I decided to create my first “Jamie” plugin I wanted it to be almost pointless. Since Humor is one of my loves in life, I decided to create a WordPress plugin based around Read more →

The Hello Bar Shopify App

I’ve recently completed development on my first Shopify App! The app is for Hello Bar, one of our products at digital-telepathy where I work. Dealing with APIs is often tricky but I have to say that the Shopify API was really a joy to work with. They’ve got a well documented and far reaching API.

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New Design/Theme

I’m studying up on responsive design and decided to design an exceedingly simple but functional theme for my site.

What you’re seeing right now is just the base theme that I will customize further once I’m happy with the framework.

Try resizing your window or viewing this site on an iPad. You’ll notice that the navigation changes, the sidebar becomes the footer and the prev/next posts buttons become sticky and stay with you when you scroll.

Update: Oct 30th 2011
I’ve removed the sticky prev/next buttons as they don’t play very well with the Android browsers… Booooo!

Update: Apr 10th 2012
I’ve further simplified the design for aesthetic reasons. The sidebar is no more and the typography has been changed a bit. The layout is also no longer fluid. It is still responsive in that it uses media queries, but it’s not ‘flexy’ like it was before.

Champion Sound Checkout Process

Here are two simple videos of the Champion Sound checkout process. I worked on several version of this site with my co-worker Matt Lackey at digital-telepathy. The “cart” logic was a focal point as the purchasing of credits was awkward. in the videos you’ll see a landing page and an upgrade page. The landing page was presented to users who were not logged in, while the upgrade page was for authenticated users. Read more →

Hello Bar Stats

I recently worked on adding some nifty date range selection to the stats system on Hello Bar. Read more →

Champion Sound Home Page Slider

The Champion Sound homepage, designed by Matt Lackey and built by myself for digital-telepathy is a mass of overlapping gradients and transparent PNGs. The layout was a challenge for me to build, but once it was worked out the rest was easy. This page incorporates many elements including XML parsing & caching of feeds, a SlideDeck like Slider and JavaScript (Canvas) based fonts.

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