The Fluid Video Embeds Plugin Now Has a Shortcode

This post is just a quick note to say that the Fluid Video Embeds plugin now supports a shortcode implementation. This is useful if you want to embed a YouTube or Vimeo video in one of your php theme files. Read more about it at the Fluid Video Embeds page in the WordPress plugin repository. Thanks to Alexander for the suggestion!

Plugin en el español por Andrew de WebHostingHub


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  1. Hi Jamie, love your FVE plugin however it appears to not be working with new Vimeo videos. It still works with ones that I’ve uploaded many months/years ago but the newer ones are not embedding properly.

    Here’s the one I’m having problems with:

  2. Hi Jamie:
    FVE working perfectly until today. Now the vimeo videos are not displaying in FF 29.0.1 and latest Chrome on Mac. But they do appear correctly in Safari. Very strange… Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. thanks, Jim

    • Looks like a Vimeo issue. As you can see here the Vimeo iFrame that’s being inserted is blank: Are the videos set to private or something similar?

      • Thanks, Jamie
        The vimeo files have always been “public” but the problem continues in FF & Chrome and seems to be an “https://” issue. I’m getting a warning about my SSL certificate. When I use “http://” instead in both browsers, all is well. Getting an error about “Connection Partially encrypted” and have to figure out how to fix this. thanks again for getting back to me. Jim

      • Ahhhh… OK.

        It’s probably a SSL issue like you mentioned. Try changing your Vimeo URLs to use https:// at the start of them instead of http://

  3. Hi Jamie

    I’m trying to use your plugin with my website and am getting a weird result where the width of my videos (from Vimeo) are fluid, but the height is out of proportion. You can see an example of what I mean with the video at the bottom of this page:

    I can’t seem to figure it out, hence my bugging you over here 🙂

    • Hi Simon,
      It looks like the CSS my plugin includes is not being added to the page. This is typically due to a missing wp_head() function, and can be fixed by making sure that the wp_head function is present in your theme before the closing </head> tag, and that some CSS prefixed with ‘fve’ is being output on your page in the head tag.

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