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Baking Dynamics For The End Result in Cinema 4D

This tip looks at a scenario where you may want to influence the ending position of a dynamically animated object.

The video walks us through the process where we might allows a few objects to fall, and then come to a rest; in this case we want them to rest facing a specific direction.

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Breaking a Column with Thrausi

This video covers quite a lot. It doesn’t really belong in the Five Minute Tips section due to the length, but there are always exceptions to the rule. Read more →

Using the MoGraph Fracture Object for Dynamics in Cinema 4D

This Five Minute Tip focuses on achieving simple dynamics in Cinema 4D using MoGraph. The dynamics module in Cinema 4D Studio is awesome, but the Broadcast Edition lacks a full dynamics tool set. This technique will not replicate more advanced features like soft bodies, wind, or air pressure, and does not easily allow for different properties per object. Having said that, it’s important to note that this technique is quick, simple, and relatively effective.

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Piles of Objects Using MoGraph

This tip focuses on the fact that simple rigid body dynamics can be used in the Broadcast Edition of Cinema 4D with some simple techniques. The Broadcast Edition of Cinema 4D includes rigid body dynamics tags but curiously, they don’t work with regular polygonal objects. So why are they there and what can we use them for?

The available dynamics tags in "Cinema 4D Broadcast"

Check out the rest of the post for more info, some still images and the short video tutorial.

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