Piles of Objects Using MoGraph

This tip focuses on the fact that simple rigid body dynamics can be used in the Broadcast Edition of Cinema 4D with some simple techniques. The Broadcast Edition of Cinema 4D includes rigid body dynamics tags but curiously, they don’t work with regular polygonal objects. So why are they there and what can we use them for?

The available dynamics tags in "Cinema 4D Broadcast"

Check out the rest of the post for more info, some still images and the short video tutorial.

The dynamics tags pictured are actually all one tag according to the documentation. The manual says that the tag changes depending on the capabilities of that object. So that means that we just have to apply the right tags to the right objects and all will be well.

The MoGraph Cloner object allows us to apply some simple rigid body dynamics to our scene. It can handle complex collisions such as books in a pile on the floor, or a gumball machine filled with treats.


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