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MoGraph Distribution From Texture

This tip examines a technique that can be used to control where MoGraph clones appear; you can add a Shader Effector, and then give it a texture tag to gain precise control over where the clones appear.

In this video we look at an approach using two example scenes. The first is a simple sphere with cubes as clones; the second is a globe with small cones as population markers.

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Corrugated Pipes with the Spline Wrap Deformer and a Cloner

This Five Minute Tip was inspired by one of my YouTube viewers. The viewer in question (Sean) asked what techniques I would use to create corrugated pipe that’s easily repeatable and can be deformed along a curving path. I immediately thought of using a MoGraph Cloner to repeat the pipe segment, a Connect object to glue the pieces together, and a Spline Wrap deformer to make it follow the pipe. Read more →

Motorcycle Tire Modeling Using Deformers

Instead of a Five Minute Tip this week, I thought I’d produce something a little different. One of the more challenging tasks that I face when modeling a motorcycle (something I’ve become quite practiced at) is the creation of the tires. Below is a screencast walking you through the process I’ve recently used. I’ve also included the downloadable project files for you to play with.

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Piles of Objects Using MoGraph

This tip focuses on the fact that simple rigid body dynamics can be used in the Broadcast Edition of Cinema 4D with some simple techniques. The Broadcast Edition of Cinema 4D includes rigid body dynamics tags but curiously, they don’t work with regular polygonal objects. So why are they there and what can we use them for?

The available dynamics tags in "Cinema 4D Broadcast"

Check out the rest of the post for more info, some still images and the short video tutorial.

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Sesame Seeds with a Cloner

This tip focuses on the placement of sesame seeds on a baked treat.

One of my readers commented on my Constraining Objects to a Surface tip and mentioned that he’d found it particularly useful. He also referenced placing sesame seeds on a burger bun and I immediately thought of achieving that effect using the MoGraph Cloner. Granted, there are many circumstances under which the subsequent tip won’t be ideal but I think it could be a real time-saver.

Check out the rest of the post for some still images and the short video tutorial.

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Constraining Objects to a Surface in Cinema 4D

This tip shows a quick, repeatable, and simple technique for placing objects (trees in this case) along an uneven surface in Cinema 4D. Make sure to watch until the end for the caveats involved.

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