Corrugated Pipes with the Spline Wrap Deformer and a Cloner

This Five Minute Tip was inspired by one of my YouTube viewers. The viewer in question (Sean) asked what techniques I would use to create corrugated pipe that’s easily repeatable and can be deformed along a curving path. I immediately thought of using a MoGraph Cloner to repeat the pipe segment, a Connect object to glue the pieces together, and a Spline Wrap deformer to make it follow the pipe.

After creating a quick mock-up  I realized that it took me about 5 minutes, and thus it could make a great Five Minute Tip. Check out the video below for the full technique.

Here is a link to the sample file shown in the tutorial.

26 thoughts on “Corrugated Pipes with the Spline Wrap Deformer and a Cloner”

  1. Man, its me again lol, i’ve being trying to do de corrugated pipe, i dont
    have trouble with the rest of the tutorial, but how can i do to do the pipe
    without have soooo many polygons?, when i apply the Hnurb and make all the
    object editable all the polygons dont help to the rest of the process, by
    the way your pipe and your cables tutos they help me a lot and to do some
    things faster :)

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