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The Array Object and The Connect Object in Cinema 4D

Sometimes you need to make modifications to every identical side of a radial object. The Array object is great for repeating things in a simple circle, and this video shows how you can use it to get greater control over modeling radial things.
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Corrugated Pipes with the Spline Wrap Deformer and a Cloner

This Five Minute Tip was inspired by one of my YouTube viewers. The viewer in question (Sean) asked what techniques I would use to create corrugated pipe that’s easily repeatable and can be deformed along a curving path. I immediately thought of using a MoGraph Cloner to repeat the pipe segment, a Connect object to glue the pieces together, and a Spline Wrap deformer to make it follow the pipe. Read more →

Quickly Twisting a Bundle of Wires in Cinema 4D

In this tip, we quickly explore a method for sweeping multiple cross-sections of wire along a Spline. Using a SweepNURBS object, we adjust the End rotation parameter and end up with a twisted structure.

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The Connect Object in Cinema 4D

This Five Minute Tip is the inaugural tip and reflects on a video I saw on Greyscale Gorilla a while ago. It uses the Cinema 4D Connect Object to join tow different parts of one object or two completely separate objects. Read on for the video and some more info about the tip.
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