Quickly Twisting a Bundle of Wires in Cinema 4D

In this tip, we quickly explore a method for sweeping multiple cross-sections of wire along a Spline. Using a SweepNURBS object, we adjust the End rotation parameter and end up with a twisted structure.

Later on in the video, we also look into the Spline properties that allow us to effectively twist the cables while still maintaining enough subdivisions for a smooth and glitch-free appearance.

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  1. When I make the connect object (with the circles) and arrange the connect
    object and the spline in the sweep nurbs, nothing happens. What am I doing

  2. So helpfull – many thanks for sharing 🙂 !

  3. omg using the connector to connect multisplines to be swept by the sweep
    nurb as one IS SOLVING SO MANY OF MY C4D PROBLEMS!! Omg omg thank you so
    much Jamie seriously! Big help! I’m going to use this twisting bundle
    method to create a girl super-hero’s big “whip” pony-tail. : >

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