Sesame Seeds with a Cloner

This tip focuses on the placement of sesame seeds on a baked treat.

One of my readers commented on my Constraining Objects to a Surface tip and mentioned that he’d found it particularly useful. He also referenced placing sesame seeds on a burger bun and I immediately thought of achieving that effect using the MoGraph Cloner. Granted, there are many circumstances under which the subsequent tip won’t be ideal but I think it could be a real time-saver.

Check out the rest of the post for some still images and the short video tutorial.


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  1. Jamie:

    I have noticed that most (if not all of your tips) are practical, real world modeling tips. By that I mean plenty of ‘tutorials’ use a cube or text as examples. That really doesn’t help me trying to model a necklace with a charm on it.

    Your tutorials, especially this one, have ‘real world’ practical applications. Wires, cables, seeds, rounded pipes (etc) are all practical and adaptable to everyday use. I have learned more from your 5 min tips than entire courses on using C4D. Thnx.

  2. But how to make them not cluster so much. I made grass and used that technique but grass are placed many times in almost the same spots and also there is places where grass dont want to place itself on so there are spots without grass and in some places there are to much of that grass. Playing wits seeds are annoying and time consuming. Is there maybe plugin that makes this do better ao maybe in C4D there is better method for that purposes?

    • I think that the Hair objects work really well for grass in Cinema 4D. Try searching for “C4D Hair Grass” and there’s a few videos that show it.

      • I forgot to mention that I am using vray. For example I am making small circle and on it vray grass then I am using that surface spread cloner but it somehow works very stupid because it places cloned objects in almost one place many times and in some places leaves bald spots. This is annoying. As for c4d grass it dont makes shadows (by default and also is hard to set up) and are not compatible with vray renderer. I use vray fast&fur but on larger scale I must use cloner and that cloner sucks :/

  3. Just the thing i was looking for.
    thanks a lot Jamie!

  4. absolutely great tip my friend,thanks for share 😉
    also Happy New Year my friend 😉

  5. Recently subscribed. Great stuff, thank your for sharing!

    Another way to hide seeds you dont want would be to use a simple plain effector with linear falloff and scale set to -1.

    Keep em coming!

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