Using the MoGraph Fracture Object for Dynamics in Cinema 4D

This Five Minute Tip focuses on achieving simple dynamics in Cinema 4D using MoGraph. The dynamics module in Cinema 4D Studio is awesome, but the Broadcast Edition lacks a full dynamics tool set. This technique will not replicate more advanced features like soft bodies, wind, or air pressure, and does not easily allow for different properties per object. Having said that, it’s important to note that this technique is quick, simple, and relatively effective.

Let me know if you liked this tutorial, and if you did you should share it with your friends. Here’s a short(er) link: that you can use.


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  1. Extremely strong simple explanation. If only the guides from Maxon were as
    concise and clear. Thanks


    Can you help me with a fracture object?
    This is really confusing me. Why do the top and lower buns disappear when I set the Fracture to Explode Segments, or even in connect.
    I attempted to cheat it by duplicating the top and lower buns, or adding the whole burger into a Null and duplicating the Null inside the Fracture object, but still it doesn’t work.

    Any ideas why? :/

  3. yeah but what i’m telling you is that you don’t necessary have to put your objects in a fracture object (a simple dynamic tag on the object (or on a goup of objets) works).

  4. wait wait wait, you can actually put directly a simulation tag onto an object (the “dynamic” option of the tag have to be switch on if you want to make the object a rigid body).

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