4 Ways to Join Gaps in Cinema 4D

This tip focuses on a situation, and not a specific tool or object. Cinema 4D does not have the most robust polygonal modeling tool-set of all 3D applications, however it does have a few very versatile tools that offer useful workflow shortcuts.

The Bridge tool, and more recently the Stitch and Sew tool are a pair of tools that work both in the “Polygons mode”, and the “Edges mode” of Cinema 4D’s modeling environment. The video below shows a brief use case, along with some of the methods you can use, as well as some of the caveats you might need to consider when using each tool and mode.

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  1. Very well explained, exactly what I needed. I learnt a lot! looking forward
    to more!

  2. thank you!, finally i understood completely this tool. it was really frustrating at some points (and I’m dumb, most probably :)).

  3. Wow I’ve watched a lot of C4d videos on Youtube, but yours are the most informative! Thanks

  4. Absolutely great quicktip,
    very very useful my friend,
    Thanks for share 🙂

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