Converting Edges to Splines in Cinema 4D

This tip focuses on the relatively simple task of converting some edges to a spline. While this is a simple task, it’s not intuitive or immediately clear that it’s even possible. I hope the video below shows you something new, and that you get to use it on a project in the future.

If you need to project a spline onto a surface from the X, Y, or Z directions; check out my video on projecting splines onto a surface.

21 thoughts on “Converting Edges to Splines in Cinema 4D”

  1. Selecting points in point mode then CTRL+clicking edge mode to convert
    points to an edge IS GOING TO BE SOOOO HANDY FOR ME!!!! I’m going to use
    this Edges to spline method for creating a horizontal dress to complement a
    female model’s torso. Thanks Jamie, I’ve officially subscribed to your

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