Converting Edges to Splines in Cinema 4D

This tip focuses on the relatively simple task of converting some edges to a spline. While this is a simple task, it’s not intuitive or immediately clear that it’s even possible. I hope the video below shows you something new, and that you get to use it on a project in the future.

If you need to project a spline onto a surface from the X, Y, or Z directions; check out my video on projecting splines onto a surface.


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  1. He talked a lot, the tutorial could have two minutes, but thanks: D

  2. thx man, might be a basic tool, but i didn’t know it. great!

  3. Thank you very much for your tutorials!

  4. one operation and 5-minute story about nothing…

  5. Thanks u very much mate…it is helpful.

  6. Thanks for the tips, really helpful information.

  7. Selecting points in point mode then CTRL+clicking edge mode to convert
    points to an edge IS GOING TO BE SOOOO HANDY FOR ME!!!! I’m going to use
    this Edges to spline method for creating a horizontal dress to complement a
    female model’s torso. Thanks Jamie, I’ve officially subscribed to your

  8. How do I convert edge to spline in C4D R10? Haven’t been successful finding any solution yet.

  9. Do you know a solution, how to extrude a face along a spline without using nurbs? In Maya there’s an option and it’s very useful.

  10. Great tip! Very useful. I was not aware of this at all. I also learned that you can Control-Click the mode button(s) and go between point, line and polygon mode. Looking forward to the next tutor!

  11. Im currently animating with a minecraft rig,is there like a way to get the movement of the body parts of the rig to have abit of ‘spring’ in its movement without using the curve timeline thing?

  12. Interesting, I just posted a tutorial on this exact same thing today

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