If you’d like to see how this model was created (sped up a lot) then check out the time-lapse screen-cast.

About The Model

When Ducati announced a street-legal version of thier GP6 motoGP racing machine, I just had to create a 3D model of it. In addition, I have created an Italian Flag paint-job for this magnificent machine.

About The Bike

The Desmosedici-RR is essentially a street legal version of the 200hp+ motoGP GP6 by Ducati. Now ordinary people (And by ordinary people I mean a select few that are wealthy and privileged.) can own what is essentially a replica of the championship machine that many of us have only dreamed of riding. This is a huge deal, seriously it’s like being able to buy a Formula One race car that’s street legal… wait a minute, that sounds familiar. If you thought “Enzo” before clicking that link, then congratulations, you have some perspective on how amazing this bike is.

So how many are going to be built? How much does it cost? Well, Ducati will build 400 per year and they will sell for about $70,000 USD – Gizmag. Also noted, owners of the Ducati 999R will get priority.