Exploding Things with MoGraph in Cinema 4D

This Five Minute Tip for Cinema 4D shows us how to use the Fracture object (MoGraph) and an Attractor force object to make things explode.

I stumbled upon this technique while stress testing the abilities of the MoGraph Fracture object, and it seems that it’s a great tool for blowing objects apart. The core of the technique hinges on using the self collisions to upset the geometry and kick off the initial repulsion. Once that’s taken care of, we can use a particle attractor (with a negative value) to push the pieces in the desired direction.

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27 thoughts on “Exploding Things with MoGraph in Cinema 4D”

  1. Trying to apply the same principal to a lightcycle model i made in a moving animation… Thing is when I set the lightcycle to rigid body its loses it’s spline movement… Not sure why this happening maybe someone can help me… I want the lightcycle to explode into cubes as they did in tron just not sure of the exact mograph settings to achieve the desired effect… Im in the right direction but not quite there yet…

  2. Yah. It is pretty basic knowledge and you probably did know about this a ‘looong’ time ago but you failed to find a way to use the effect creatively whereas Jamie did.

    So you do free downloads, huh? You get paid each time a file is snatched, don’t you? Must burn that people like Jamie put up way better material here. Jealous cunt.

      1. if you have used cinema 4d a significant ammount of time, its pretty basic knowlege that when you place one object inside another with dynamics on, you are asking it to do an impossible thing so it repells them at a great force, i not saying its a bad video, all im saying is that 80% of cinema 4d users know this stuff long ago since the early releases of c4d

      2. @RiTutorials:
        This is the Bullets engine, and not Cinema itself. You will find the same effect in other 3D apps who also use Bullets. I commented because I did not understand the purpose of your comment. Your statemet will apply to hundreds of tutors we come across, on the Internet. These tutors serve their purpose even if only 2% find them useful. And those who make them need our support! Myself I knew this effect already, from Carrara and C4D. Still I liked it and gave my kudos.

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