Mikuni 36mm Carburetor

This carburetor model will be fed into a rapid-prototyping machine for use in a scale model. The carburetor will be used in a 1:5 replica of a ’74 TZ350 that originally raced in Australia. Some parts will be metal, some hand fabricated alloy, and other bits (like this one) will be created by rapid-prototyping.

Photo of a TZ-350 Motorcycle
A Yamaha TZ-350 Motorcycle – (The bike to be miniaturized)

Current Status

The part has been sent to the prototyping house and I’ve gotten an email with the carb open in 3D software on that side. It’s a really nice thing to see your model open on someone else’s system. Providing there are no geometry or modeling issues, we may see this model move from the digital realm into the physical one! I’ve also posted the model here: TurboSquid

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  1. Richard Hamel-Smith

    March 19, 2011 — 11:04 am

    Yeah, I remember these carbs. They were used on a lot of small bore Yamahas. The RS-125 and RD series, if I remember correctly. Before the constant vacuum carbs came out on the XS four strokes.

    Simple to take apart and clean on the roadside. The slide used to stick sometimes, tho.

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