Super Groovy Adirondack Chair

My latest model is an Adirondack style set of chairs and a small table.

I feel like I’m going back to my roots with this model. You see, before I made a name for myself as “That 3D Motorcycle Guy” I worked for EyeScreamAnimation in Trinidad & Tobago. While working there, a lot of the stuff I modeled was furniture and other props for architectural renderings. You can see some of my furniture and rendering work here. That link leads to an early project that I furnished; EyeScream’s newer stuff looks amazing! I highly recommend them if you have any interior/exterior rendering work.

I’m 100% happy with the way these Adirondack chairs turned out and that just feels like more fuel to keep going and create some other furniture pieces. Thanks for looking, and feel free to get a copy of them on TurboSquid.


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  1. I think these beat out Niels. Looking good man. When’s the blue prints coming out 😛

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