Sweeps and Rail Splines in Cinema 4D

The Extrude, Sweep, and Lathe are very useful objects in any 3D program. Cinema 4D lends itself very well to traditional designers, mainly due to the fact that it effortlessly imports Bezier splines from Illustrator. So, we can use splines drawn in Cinema 4D or in another program to Extrude or Sweep; but what happens when we need more control over the details of the generated object?

Cinema 4D has a few objects* that support a rail spline to control the banking or target direction. The video above will explain how to leverage the rail spline option for a swept object representing a racetrack with banked corners.

* The objects supporting a rail spline are:

  • Sweep/SweepNURBS object
  • Align to Spline tag
  • The Arrange function (legacy)
  • The Duplicate function (legacy)
  • The Cloner object
  • The Spline Wrap deformer
  • The Spline effector
  • The MoSpline object
  • The Motion Camera

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  1. thanx jamie. great tip, you’re really good at explaining things in cinema, one of the better tutorials i’ve seen in a while. look forward to more!

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