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The Razorback – Part 53: Creating Battery Cables

In the below video, we take a look at creating some battery cables using a few modeling techniques. The actual connector is created using some simple polygonal modeling, and the cable is created using a SweepNURBS object and a few deformers.

Head on past the break to see the video, and do let me know what you think of it.
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The Razorback – Part 32: Adding XPresso to the Kickstand Hoses

As the overall modeling of the Razorback project nears maturity, we’re starting to focus on some of the more detailed and nuanced areas of the model. For instance, let’s consider the kickstands. We know that they will be Pneumatic/Hydraulic, and we know that actuated stuff in sci-fi renditions must have hoses leading from the mechanism into the depths of the robot… it’s just cooler that way.

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Vertex Weight and Deformers

A quick tip that shows how to use a Vertex Weight Map to restrict the influence of a Cinema 4D deformer.

When applying a deformer in 3D software, the limitations of the deformer are considered in the decision to use it. For instance, if we wanted to bend an object we would obviously use a bend deformer. This gets more complicated as we look for ways to influence only part of an object (typically we want to bend the entire object). In Cinema 4D, we can use the Vertex Weight tag/a Vertex Map to define the area of influence that a deformer can affect.

The general idea of this tip is: We want to twist the lower half of David, while leaving the sword in his hand straight. The Vertex Weight Map and a restriction tag can help us in this case.

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The Collision Deformer and Falloff

The collision deformer continues to amaze me with all of its options and possibilities. I’ve already shown how you can use it to shrink-wrap one object to another in my cables tutorial, and this tip focuses on a more abstract use of the deformer.

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Taping Cables Together with the Collision Deformer in Cinema 4D

This tip demonstrates a technique for taping wires/cables together. It uses the Collision deformer as an aid, making sure the tape is snugly applied to the wires.

The use of the Collision deformer in this tip was inspired by Mike Udin’s tutorial on the Collision deformer. I found his tutorial useful even though it seems to be entirely in Russian. I discovered his tutorial in the C4D Weekly newsletter; issue #17. I suggest you check out the C4D Weekly archive, and subscribe to their great weekly email.

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Motorcycle Tire Deformation Order

I recently posted a couple of images showing what I’ve learned about modeling a motorcycle tire that’s subdivided. In this screencast, I’ll show you the best way to

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