Taping Cables Together with the Collision Deformer in Cinema 4D

This tip demonstrates a technique for taping wires/cables together. It uses the Collision deformer as an aid, making sure the tape is snugly applied to the wires.

The use of the Collision deformer in this tip was inspired by Mike Udin’s tutorial on the Collision deformer. I found his tutorial useful even though it seems to be entirely in Russian. I discovered his tutorial in the C4D Weekly newsletter; issue #17. I suggest you check out the C4D Weekly archive, and subscribe to their great weekly email.

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50 thoughts on “Taping Cables Together with the Collision Deformer in Cinema 4D”

  1. Another great one! You are fantastic. BTW, you are not the only one who search a command in the menu because of always using a short cut you forgot about its location in the UI! 🙂

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