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MoGraph Distribution From Texture

This tip examines a technique that can be used to control where MoGraph clones appear; you can add a Shader Effector, and then give it a texture tag to gain precise control over where the clones appear.

In this video we look at an approach using two example scenes. The first is a simple sphere with cubes as clones; the second is a globe with small cones as population markers.

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Set Selection and Materials

This tip focuses on the simple yet powerful Set Selection command in Cinema 4D and suggests a few practical uses for it. We also look at how Cinema 4D automatically creates one of these selections for you if you apply a texture in a particular way.
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Selections for Caps and Rounding

This tip focuses on the hidden polygon selections that exist on most of Cinema 4D’s NURBS objects. Even the MoGraph Text object.

Some of the generated objects in Cinema 4D have hidden selections that are automatically generated in real-time. These selections can be used to apply materials to individual classes of surfaces.
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Muddy Pickup Truck 3D Model

This model is currently free on TurboSquid!

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