Muddy Pickup Truck 3D Model

This model is currently free on TurboSquid!

Total time for modeling and texturing: ~27.5 hours

About The Model

I’ve started an “Intro to 3D” class in college, and while some may think that I wouldn’t even need this class, I’ve been looking forward to it for quite a while. The software that I used to create all the bikes in my portfolio is quite powerful, but it’s not the industry standard. This 3D class is a great opportunity to learn the more popular 3D package being used in the industry today and become familiar with the new tools and techniques.

The model will contain only quads (Four sided polygons or faces) and must be a solid or watertight model. These are requirements of the project to encourage clean and suitable models for a real-world production environment. The fact that it must be a solid model rules out the possibility of opening doors and such (in the time available), so these gaps and seams in the bodywork will only be implied by using an indented groove.

Why A Pickup Truck?

I need a model that will keep me busy, and consume enough time to keep pace with the course. I haven’t modeled a four wheeled vehicle in at least two years, so this seemed like a good point of “re-entry” into 3D (for lack of a better word). This truck will serve as a great vehicle to haul those sport-bikes off to the racetrack. (but the trailer attachment may come at a later date.)

About UV Mapping (What’s that colorful pattern about?)

The colored pattern you see on the model is a test pattern that shows anomalies and artifacts in the UV map as I create and adjust different areas of the map. For example, if some of the numbers are shown backwards, then I know that some of the areas on the UV map need to be flipped, and the issue is easily identifiable.


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